about us

The way we consume our visual entertainment is undoubtedly changing the film and television industry rapidly. The evolution of technology has altered the landscape - from luxury cinema to video-on-demand platforms, multi-screen viewing and virtual reality... the list seems endless. 


However, there seems to be one thing that doesn't change – “story”.


Since early civilisation we have shared stories on cave walls through paintings, then advancing into literature, photographs, music and film. Within us is an inherent need to entertain, communicate, educate and mostly importantly express our stories to convey emotion. It’s one of the greatest gifts we hold.  


At Adie Productions, we recognise the amazing world around us and strive to create inspiring content with global appeal. Connecting the audience through many visual mediums, finding a way to touch all and leaving each with their own personal message. Every story has a home and every home has its story. 


Combining our creative love of storytelling and financial acumen, we find ways for these stories to reach people wherever and whenever. 


With its partners – local and international, Adie Productions prides itself on producing quality film and television entertainment for its worldwide viewers – from script to screen.


our team

Ramadan Zekirovski began his career as an AMEB classically trained pianist attending the Conservatorium of Music. Following his time in the Conservatorium, he also completed a certification in Sound Engineering, and then joined Madzin Productions as a Live Sound Engineer and Events Manager. During this time he was approached to join Trackdown Studios where he worked with Australia’s best musical and acting talents, including the opportunity to work on Happy Feet with John Powell. After Trackdown, Ramadan moved to film and television and was given an opportunity to work with Andrew Denton on David Tench Tonight and at the ABC. By 2010 he completed the Executive Producers Course with Victoria University, and has since undertaken script coverages and breakdowns for producers around the world. Most recently, Ramadan worked on a number of international feature films shooting in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, and in 2019 completed an Industry Certificate in Production Accounting at AFTRS (Australian Film Television & Radio School). Ramadan brings the creative flair and industry knowledge to Adie Productions, creating a slate of film and television projects, in partnership with his wife, Tegan.     ram@adie.com.au

Tegan Zekirovski began her career in the entertainment industry seven years ago, when she began producing content for Adie Productions. Over the past 12 years, she has worked in the property finance industry for multiple retail owners and redevelopments. Most recently, Tegan has worked on a number of international feature films shooting in the United Arab Emirates and Thailand, and completed an Industry Certificate in Production Accounting at AFTRS (Australian Film Television & Radio School). With her vast knowledge of project finance and production experience, Tegan brings a strong financial presence to Adie productions, which she co-founded with her husband Ramadan Zekirovski. Since this time, Tegan has helped develop a slate of television and film projects.     tegan@adie.com.au

"It's a human need to be told stories. The more we're governed by idiots and have no control over our destinies, the more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are, why we are, where we come from and what might be possible."

Alan Rickman